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What is Sound Calibration?

Placing your speakers within a room and connecting them to the receiver are only the first steps in getting the most out of your audio system. The goal is to get you, as well as everyone around you, an immersive experience that’s tailored just for where they usually sit when watching movies — but there’s more than meets the eye here.

Calibration will allow you to adjust for frequency, distance from speaker and volume levels so that when watching movies, you can have a more enjoyable experience no matter where the speakers are placed or how chatty your neighbors are next door.

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We are Experts in Sound Calibration

TV Wall Mounting Pro is staffed by a group of experienced sound technicians, providing service for all major brands. In addition to installation and setup services, they also offer the best in surround sound equipment that promises an unmatched experience within their industry.

If you live in Toronto or GTA, we can help set up your surround sound amplifier and speakers in any room of your home. Usually, our clients ask us to convert their living room into a theatre, where the surround sound equipment plays the central part of the installation. It drives our 5.1 speaker system that functions as an ideal complement for HDTVs to complete the theatre experience. We have installed hundreds of sound calibration systems around here before and would be happy to take care of one more!

Benefits of Sound Calibration

Calibrating your monitors is the best way to ensure you hear audio as accurately as possible. With calibration, unwanted noise can be minimized, and your ears are at less risk of being damaged by sound waves coming from speakers in large volumes. After getting a good overview of how this process works, it will be apparent that calibrating studio equipment should always be one of the first steps when starting any new project.

Audio calibration is an essential part of the sound design process. It ensures that your speakers are doing what they’re supposed to and no frequencies have been cut off or boosted too much, which can result in a less than stellar listening experience for listeners.

The specific steps will depend on your equipment choices. Still, you’ll need to set up some sort of measuring device before beginning, so all measurements stay consistent regardless if it’s one speaker unit or five different ones across three channels at once.

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