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Do you love listening to podcasts and your favourite music? We can help! TV Wall Mounting Pro offers multi-zone whole home audio, as well as custom home theatre installation, for those who want the ultimate audio experience. From surround sound speaker's installation to calibration, we can do it all.

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Why Us

Do you want your TV system to be the envy of everyone else? You’ll get just that with our team’s expert design plan and installation services.

You don’t have to settle for a flawed living room or kitchen television experience anymore. Our experts know what you need from conception all the way through the installation process. We will create an almost perfect home theatre environment specifically tailored for you in order to deliver optimum viewing pleasure at every angle imaginable.

Contact us today so we can make this happen for your space.

Professional Handling

Our team is responsible for providing the best service possible. When you buy new home audio and home theatre system, we take the time to show you how it works. We’ll set up your whole system with all of our helpful features, including services like internet connectivity and remote control functionality through various devices. With our fast installation service plus two years warranty on the entire product (including labour), there’s nothing better than going home knowing everything is ready for use.

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Choosing the Ideal Size

Designing an ideal room is as simple as sketching it out, but not without a professional’s help. The only way to know the layout of your space and what sound quality system will suit you best is to have it evaluated by someone who knows their stuff! Trust us on this one — we’re just like you: Excited about a new home theatre/living room setup; wanting nothing more than for friends and family to come over, so we have something awesome to do together while enjoying movies or football games. You deserve that experience too.

If you’re trying to decide on the right screen size, our specialists will guide you through this important decision with tips and tricks. Not only is it essential for a good viewing experience, but it also helps balance out your space in order to make decorating easier.


Here are some of the speaker systems we can install:

Satellite Speakers

No one likes to see speakers when they enter a room. But, with our minimal-profile in-wall and ceiling mounted sound systems, you can enjoy the sounds of your favourite show without having bulky equipment taking up space around the TV or loudspeaker stands.

In-ceiling Speakers

Dolby speakers are perfect for in-ceiling installations. Dolby’s cutting edge technology is able to provide exceptional sound quality in any room of the house, without cluttering up space or dealing with wiring that just won’t stay tangle free! There are many other reasons why Dolby is so great. For example, “Dolby Atmos” provides even more depth and realism by creating sounds that come from all directions at once. You can literally feel like you’re inside an action film as it unfolds.

In-wall Speakers

In-wall speakers are made to be discreet, and they work great for either front or rear channels. This is due, in part, to their small size, which helps them fit seamlessly into the drywall construction found on modern houses. They’re also great for townhouses with drywalls going up to 18 inches high.

Tower Speakers

Floor standing tower speakers reign supreme when it comes to multimedia systems, like home theatre systems, due to their variety of levels: one has higher volume, another is more mellow sounding while still maintaining strong clarity at all volumes. There’s also the bass, which provides the low frequencies needed for most movies’ surround channels.

Same Day Home Theatre Installation Near Me

Do you want your TV system to be the envy of everyone else? You’ll get just that with our team’s expert design plan and installation services.